Analytica Business Systems: Pervasive.SQL and Btrieve Specialists

Wayne Freeman



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Summary of Technical Competencies

Analysis and Design

Extensive experience managing software development projects using CASE and traditional methodologies.


Demonstrated successful experience with many clients and employers in automated accounting, document management, order entry, financial information, insurance administration, resort management, and retail point of sale including JDA WinDSS, Symbol, signature capture, debit/credit card processing.


  • Clarion (DOS, Windows), VB/Win and PC COBOLs (mbp, MicroFocus, Ryan-McFarland)
  • Web Applications, WinDSS Point of Sale, Shopping Cart, HTML, PHP
  • Quickbooks® integration


Strong SQL relational database design, coding and administration in traditional and Client - Server environments:
  • Pervasive.SQL
  • Btrieve
  • MySQL
  • SQLAnywhere
  • Clarion
  • Unisys DMSII

Operating Systems

  • Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000, XP
  • Apple OS X
  • Linux
  • Novell Netware
  • Burroughs/Unisys Small Systems Series

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Current, Analytica Business Systems, Inc.

President, CEO

Analytica Business Systems is one of six Pervasive Software Premier Partners in North America, responsible for all Pervasive Software sales and service for the Pacific Northwest. Wayne Freeman's responsibilities, activities and responsibilities in this regard are on full display in the contents of this web site.
For details on past projects and accomplishments under the rubric of Analytica Business Systems, please see below, under "Jan 1985 - Present".

Sep 2004 Dec 2004, Scuola Camprena, Scuola di Lingua e Cultura Italiana, Pienza, Siena, Italy


Feb 2000 - Aug 2004, West Marine Products, Inc., Watsonville, CA

Store Systems Applications Manager

  • Responsible for all software development for in-store systems of a 350-store chain. Direct reports currently include three in-house developers and two outside contractors. Directed several million-dollar-plus projects, including:
  • Converted JDA WinDSS store database to Pervasive.SQL client-server relational database management system using both Btrieve engine and relational engine.
  • Converted JDA base application from 16-bit Windows to 32-bit Windows.
  • Enabled system for multi-currency and Canadian GST / PST to facilitate opening of first Canadian stores in July 2002.
  • Recently completed rollout of debit terminals including electronic signature capture on Symbol credit/debit terminals.
Jan 1985 - Present, Analytica Business Systems, Inc., Seattle, WA

Principal Consultant and Founder of this Client - Server Software Systems Consultancy

Summary of Analytica Projects

West Marine Products, Inc., Watsonville, CA

  • Developed several mission-critical applets operating in conjunction with Clarion for Windows based WinDSS point-of-sale system purchased from JDA Software in client's 200 stores nationwide. Particular achievements of this project among many:
  • Saved client approximately $200k annually in connect charges alone by designing an applet to allow a cashier at any register in any store to obtain a company-wide inventory in under five seconds via an ODBC request over an ISDN connection to the AS/400 at Corporate Headquarters.
  • Provided Clarion software development training and support to client's in-house development staff to expedite independence from the software vendor's consulting division.
  • Was hired by client to direct the project to convert the store database to Pervasive.SQL v2000i and roll out to 250+ stores.

World Telecom Group, Inc., Mountain View, CA

  • Coordinated a multi-million-dollar hardware and software system conversion for this pre-paid discount long-distance telecommunications carrier that was upgrading their switching system and call accounting software simultaneously.
  • Liaised with system vendor, vendor's software developer, client and Analytica's software development team.
  • Analytica's task was to ensure that client's existing Clarion and Btrieve-based order processing software continued to communicate smoothly with the new FoxPro-based call accounting software.
  • Analytica programmers also developed a Call Detail Reporting System for client's business accounts and a complete replacement of the network-marketing-oriented sales rep commissions system.
  • Addressed World Telecom Group national conference in 1995.
  • Was offered CIO position at World Telecom Group.

Computer Visions & Technologies, Inc., Columbia, SC

  • Developed a suite of data conversion programs and real-time interfaces between three diverse accounting systems: a proprietary system, Platinum Accounting, and Great Plains Accounting.
  • Used Clarion for DOS and the Btrieve data management engine to develop all interfaces.

Visionary Design Systems, Inc., Sunnyvale, CA

  • Developed Automated Order Processing and Sales Order / Purchase Order Tracking systems.
  • Utilized Visual Basic and Btrieve data management engine to develop interface to Platinum Accounting.

Highlight Communications, Winterthur, Switzerland

  • While gaining invaluable international consulting experience, developed a prototype video store back office system including inventory control and billing for a European chain of automated video outlets.
  • Utilized Clarion and the FoxPro database engine for all design and development.

Watson Clinic, Lakeland, FL

  • Developed Client-Server-based Patient Demographics, Document Storage and Retrieval, Patient Diagnostic Summary, and Echocardiogram Database Systems.
  • Utilized Clarion and the Btrieve engine for all design and development.
  • Developed suite of applications to convert documents from WordPerfect format to health-industry-standard HL7 format.
  • This system was in continuous operation for eight years.

Winter Haven Hospital, Winter Haven, FL

  • Client-Server-based Offloading project to bridge Patient Admissions transactions to a PC-based Patient Order System.
  • Utilized Clarion, VB/Win, Windows, and the Btrieve engine for all design and development.

Various Clients, Central Florida Area

  • Concurrently developed accounting, software, technical support, and customization of RealWorld accounting system.
  • Successfully guided all clients to a stable and productive data processing environment.
  • Long-term client claims service productivity gains are responsible for profitability in increasingly competitive industry.
Jun 1978 - Jan 1986, The Allen Co., Bergen Brunswig Drug Co., Orlando, FL

Bergen Brunswig was the second largest drug wholesaler in the US; Allen Co. acquisition made it the largest.

Senior Programmer, Analyst

  • Responsible for system design, programming, system installation, telecommunications hardware and software support and end-user support for a custom EDI on-line order entry and invoicing system.
  • Served as liaison with accounting department during installation of accounting system.
  • Designed and produced complete pro forma budgets and financials, which increased the market value of the company, facilitating its sale.
  • Provided system design, programming, installation and user support for transition from Allen Co. to Bergen Brunswig.
  • Successfully interfaced Allen's data processing operations to Bergen Brunswig's EDI system.
  • Development in Burroughs COBOL68 and DMSII, some conversion programs developed on the target IBM S-36.

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Graduate work in Computer Science, University of Central Florida, Orlando, FL

Specialties: Microprocessor Architecture and Database Design

B.S. in Business Economics, emphasis in Accounting and Spanish, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN

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Certifications - Continuing Education - Speaking Engagements

  • Advanced Italian Language study: Scuola Camprena, Scuola di Lingua e Cultura Italiana, Sant'Anna in Camprena, Pienza (SI), Italia, September - December 2004
  • Certified Instructor for Pervasive.SQL for API Programming and Service & Support classes
  • Certified Pervasive Technician
  • Certified Pervasive Developer
  • Clarion for Windows Mastery Class, May 1997
  • Speaker at World Telecom Group National Conference (1500 attendees), July 1996
  • Instructor at Golden Gate University, Los Altos Campus, 1995
  • Speaker at Clarion Developers' Conference West, Los Angeles, June 10 - 11, 1995
  • Clarion Tech Journal, Aug / Sep 1994, "Using Advanced Btrieve Features"

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