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Contractor Accounting, QuickBooks® Integration, Custom Database Applications and Utilities from Analytica

If You're Looking for Pervasive Software Products

We are proud to have been a Pervasive Premier Partner for the past 15 years and to sell and support the entire line of Pervasive Software Data Management products.

You will probably notice that we currently have almost no Pervasive Software products listed.

You can read the reason for that here.

We do still have a very limited number of Pervasive.SQL products in stock at a very good price. You will find them all under the "Pervasive.SQL 9.5 Closeout" button at the left.

New Lines of Business: Contractor Accounting and QuickBooks® Integration

We will be making official announcements on an ongoing basis with news about new strategies, new lines of business, new products and new services. You may already have noticed some changes to our product line (aside from the missing stuff) as represented by the "Product Categories" menu to the left. In advance of any of our upcoming official announcements, you can see the new products already available and preview the soon-to-be released products by selecting any of the menu items that interest you.

New Emphasis on Old Services: Custom Programming

We have been offering custom programming, custom reporting, and custom enhancements to existing applications in our range of services for the entire life of Analytica Business Systems. I admit that we have de-emphasized our custom development capabilities for the past few years while we intensely promoted the Pervasive.SQL product line, but that is changing in a big way! You may be surprised to know that the ROI of a custom application is often better than that of a commercial product. The reasons are many, but here are a couple or three:

We have many tools available in our custom software toolkit, so we can bring a wide range of solutions to bear on your requirements. No matter which tools we use, however, we adhere firmly to the principles of RADD (Rapid Application Design and Development) in order to bring your projects to completion quickly and economically!

Do you have a business problem that makes you want to throw your computer against the wall?

We can help!

Please call or email me, I'll be happy to listen!

Thank you for being here,

Wayne Freeman

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