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Contractor Accounting, QuickBooks® Integration, Database Design and Custom Business System Development

We are a software services company, founded in 1986, specializing in accounting applications, DBMS design, rapid application development, data migration, data integration, business integration, and project management. For that entire time, we have used, sold, supported, and provided training on Pervasive Software products, including all versions of Pervasive SQL, and its predecessor, Btrieve.

We have been building business applications on top of the rock-solid foundation of Btrieve/Pervasive SQL and MySQL databases, using both transactional and SQL access methods, for over twenty years, using such diverse development tools as Clarion , Visual Basic, VB.Net, PHP, Javascript, Adobe Flex, and yes, even COBOL! Continuing to build on this foundation, we provide software development services to enhance or extend your existing applications and custom development and project management services for new applications.

Contractor Accounting by Integrity Systems

We are very pleased to be partnering with Integrity Systems, LLC, to provide the software development, marketing and distribution of their flagship product, Integrity Systems Contractor Accounting. IS Contractor Accounting is the most powerful accounting system in its price range that is designed specifically for the contracting and subcontracting business.

For details, please go to Contractor Accounting by Integrity Systems.

Custom Software and Quickbooks® Integration

Do you have a business issue that you can't address with an off-the-shelf product at a reasonable cost, due to per-user license fees?

Then a custom business system or custom software application can save you money.

Do you have an application or a system such as an e-commerce or business-to-business website that you want to interface with an accounting system such as Quickbooks®, Macola®, AccPac®, or Max®?

Then a custom utility, add-on application or software enhancement can save you time.

Is your business unique? Of course it is! Do you do things exactly the same way as every other enterprise in your industry or business sector? Of course not! Why should you have to shoehorn your methods into the same software everybody else uses?

Then a custom business system can adapt to your unique way of doing business and more than that, give you a competitive edge over your competitors.

We have been building custom business systems and software applications and doing ad-hoc custom programming for clients in North America and Europe for over 20 years! We design and develop our clients' custom business applications using Rapid Application Development (RAD) methodologies using Microsoft® Visual Basic, Clarion by SoftVelocity® (for desktop applications) and Adobe Flex® (for rich internet applications) that satisfy your most complex business needs and keep your costs low.

We build custom software several ways, depending on your needs. For example: Your business or department can benefit from custom software. Please call or email us to find out how!

About Us

Our offices are located in Everett, Washington, just a few miles north of Seattle.   We can provide support throughout the entire region, nationwide, or worldwide, either online or in person.  We welcome clients from anywhere.