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GL Detail Workbook Reporting Add-on


GL Detail Workbook Reporting Add-on

Contractor Accounting

GL Detail Workbook Reporting Add-on

Sample of header and first few detail rows of the workbook:

Contractor Accounting GL Detail Workbook Sample 1

Sample of last few detail rows and totals of the workbook:

Contractor Accounting GL Detail Workbook Sample 2

Have you ever been studying an Integrity Contractor Accounting report and wondered:

  • What effect would getting a better price for these materials have on the Estimated vs. Actual ratio for the entire job?

  • If we added a few hours of overtime for everone on this job, how much would it increase the labor costs?

  • Our CPA wants us to send our month-end reports in an electronic form that they can work with. How can I do that?

Well, now you'll have the answer!

We have developed enhancements to our most-used analysis reports to let you generate Microsoft Excel workbook replicas of the paper reports that you're used to working with.

That's nice to have, in addition to the paper report, but here's an important distinction:

Unlike export-to-excel functions in other systems, these are not just cell-by-cell copies of the original report that require you to painstakingly apply your own formulas in order to do any meaningful analysis. Instead, they are actual, live workbooks, using formulas, not data, in all total cells, accurately reproducing the results, not just copying them!

That means that you can change any value in a data cell and the totals will change automatically, allowing you to make projections and do what-if analyses all day long without affecting the data in your system!

Each of these Excel-enabled reports is priced at $250, and with the Accounts Receivable Aging reports, you get a "two-fer", including the end-of-month versions of the reports. Or, you can buy the entire suite of 9 reports for only $995. Installation help included.


Regular Price: US$150.00

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