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NYC Certified Payroll Report for Integrity Systems Contractor Accounting


NYC Certified Payroll Report for Integrity Systems Contractor Accounting

Fig. 1: Sample of NYC Certified Payroll Form as generated directly from Payroll

Have you been...

  • spending hours every week laboriously transcribing your payroll data into paper New York City Certified Payroll Forms, or...
  • tediously entering the same data, field-by-field, into spreadsheets?
  • scrambling because one of your primes recently told you that in order for them to pay that old invoice you've been waiting on, you'll have to start submitting your Certified Payroll Reports on the special New York City-approved form?

Then we have the solution for you!

We have developed an add-on to Integrity Systems Contractor Accounting that will print your Certified Payroll as a New York City Certified Payroll Report Form, without your having to transcribe manually or fill out a spreadsheet, and even without having to load special forms in the printer!

This report is fully integrated with Integrity Systems Contractor Accounting Payroll, so after a payroll run, all you have to do is click a button (well, a couple of buttons, really) and your NYC Certified Payroll Forms are generated in seconds.

Even better, the program generates the forms as Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) files, and automatically previews them for you in Adobe Reader. From there you can print them, and then archive the PDFs in case you need to reprint any of them at a later date. Installation help included.


Regular Price: US$950.00

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