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Contractor Accounting Upgrade

Part Nbr: ISCA_AW7_UPG

Contractor Accounting Upgrade

Contractor Accounting

Why Upgrade?

For a tour of the main functions of Contractor Accounting, see the Contractor Accounting Overview.

For complete details on the operation of Contractor Accounting, see the Contractor Accounting On-Line Help.

Contractor Accounting AW7 Dashboard (Main Menu)

 So you're already using Contractor Accounting by Integrity Systems. You already know how great it is, so you must asking yourself, "Why in the world would we want to go to all that trouble and expense to upgrade from our AW4 or AW6 to AW7?"

Well, here are just a few of the fantastic enhancments we've made to AW7 designed to ease your and your staff's work life, enhance your customer relations and simplify compliance with governmental reporting requirements:

  • AW7 is compatible with Windows 7 (and Vista) and still runs on Windows XP, too!  AW7 even runs in a mixed environment of XP and Windows 7 workstations, so that if you need to replace just one aging workstation in the office, you don't have to replace them all.
  • Certified Payroll - We've made it easier to satisfy the reporting requirements of multiple governmental entities in the same reporting run.  You can now choose, by job, whether to print the full Social Security Number or just the last 4 digits, and separately whether to print the employee's full address or none.  See how these options are integrated into Job Master File Maintenance.  As an optional feature, you can print Certified Payroll reports on state-, federal-, or locally-required forms directly on your inkjet or laser printers, saving transcribing time when you're being required to report on specific forms.
  • New Print Preview (the "Start:Screen" button) - The report previewer in AW7 now generates Adobe® PDF files and displays them in whatever current version of Adobe Reader® you have installed on your computer. This gives you the ability to attach reports to emails and send them to management, sales staff, or your CPA, lets you search for content in a single report or an entire archive of reports, and enables all the advanced features of your printer such as two-sided printing and automatic collation.
  • New A/R Miscellaneous Billing Invoices & Statements - Includes attractive, professional-looking, customizable Invoices and Statements (click to view samples) that require no special pre-printed forms and print your logo in full color (on color printers, of course!).  The invoice and statement output files are archivable and  searchable using the powerful search features of Adobe® Reader.  This saves filing space and time, easing billing dispute resolutions and getting you paid faster!
  • Improved Usability Via New Menu Interface - The new IS Contractor Accounting Dashboard is attractive and contemporary in appearance, but it's not just a pretty face.  It also saves keystrokes and speeds navigation from module to module.  Your staff can also choose from several styles on the fly, and every program in the system inherits the chosen style.  And last but not least, each user can choose a larger font size for the menu and all windows, preventing eyestrain from the too-small font on newer displays.  But if you find you still like the Classic menu interface better, it's still there, and you can even switch back and forth if you like (you do give up the choice of styles and fonts with the Classic interface, though).
  • Time Clock Interface - Optionally, you can add support for ExakTime® JobClock® time clock systems through ExakTime's AccountLinx®.  Import your time cards directly from your time clocks into the Payroll Time Card Entry module and shave hours off your payroll processing time.
  • Excel® Workbook Reporting - Yes, as an optional feature, you can now generate Microsoft® Excel® workbooks from nine of the most-used reports! And unlike the static workbooks you might get from other accounting systems, these are real, "live" workbooks, with formulas, not just text, for all row and column subtotals and totals, so that you can really play "what-if" and do any analysis you want to and the workbook will recalc to reflect your changes! The Excel®-enabled reports are available singly for a low per-each price or you can buy the entire bundle at a significant quantity discount.
  • Saving the Best for Last - It's no trouble for you, and little expense!  Depending on your schedule, we can retrieve your data for conversion late in the day and have you back in operation on the morning of the second day after, and often on the morning of the very next day.

All this for only $1195 for up to 5 simultaneous users, plus a small installation fee of $50 per workstation and server, if any.

The price for a system for between 6 and 10 simultaneous users is $1695 (plus, again, the $50 installation fee per device).  If you require more than 10 simultaneous users,  please call!

The Annual Maintenance Subscription remains $695 for a single-user system and $895 for a multi-user system.  Annual maintenance includes unlimited phone support and the annual Federal Payroll Tax Update.   

If you have a situation not included, please call.

We accept Visa, Mastercard, and Discover.

When you click "Buy" and complete checkout, it will only be the beginning of our customer care.  We will be in touch with you right away to discuss details such as installation, initial setup and Annual Maintenance.


Regular Price: US$1,195.00

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