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Contractor Accounting

Part Nbr: ISCA_AW7

Contractor Accounting

Contractor Accounting

by Integrity Systems

For a tour of the main functions of Contractor Accounting, see the Contractor Accounting Overview.

For complete details on the operation of Contractor Accounting, see the Contractor Accounting On-Line Help.

Contractor Accounting AW7 Dashboard (Main Menu) 

If you have been searching for a contractor-specific accounting system capable of managing all aspects of your contracting business, no matter the size of your company, Integrity Contractor Accounting will do the job for you.

Integrity Contractor Accounting has been in continuous use since 1977.  That's nearly 30 years, and many of our customers have been with us from the very beginning.

The current version runs on Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 in single-user, workgroup and client/server environments.

You won't find a more powerful and easy to use system than Integrity Contractor Accounting.  Here is a brief summary of features that you won't find in systems in the same price range as Integrity Contractor Accounting:

  • AIA Percent of Completion Billing (after setup only entry is % complete or Work In Place $'s)
  • Certified Payroll - Included in the Payroll Module, not as an extra-cost option!
  • Prevailing Wage Payroll - After setup wage selection is automatic
  • Fringe Benefit Accounting - Also included in the Payroll Module
  • Time Clock Interface - Optionally supports ExakTime® JobClock® time clock systems through ExakTime's AccountLinx®.  Import your time cards directly from your time clocks into the Payroll Time Card Entry module!
  • Job Cost Accounting and Reports - After Estimate setup, all costs posted automatically
  • Miscellaneous Billing - Includes attractive, professional-looking, customizable Invoices and Statements (click to view samples) that require no special pre-printed forms.  The invoice and statement output files are archivable and  searchable using the powerful search features of Adobe® Reader.  This saves filing space and time, easing billing dispute resolutions and getting you paid faster!
  • Work in Process Reporting with Over & Under Billing - Included in Financial Statements
  • Bonding Reports - Included in Financial Statements
  • Retainage Accounting for Accounts Receivable & Payables - Separate Retainage Accounts in both applications
  • FULLY SUPPORTED by Construction Accounting Specialists
  • All customers with up-to-date subscriptions receive full support and annual Payroll Tax Tables update

And you get all this, which you normally only find in contractor accounting and job cost systems costing tens of thousands of dollars, for the basic one-time license charge of $2995 for a complete enterprise-class software package!

Installation and Actian PSQL database management software license is $300 per workstation.

The Annual Maintenance Subscription is $695 for a single-user system and $895 for a multi-user system.  Annual maintenance includes unlimited phone support and the annual Federal Payroll Tax Update.   

If you have a situation not included, please call.

We accept Visa, Mastercard, and Discover.

When you click "Buy" and complete checkout, it will only be the beginning of our customer care.  We will be in touch with you right away to discuss details such as installation, initial setup and Annual Maintenance.


Regular Price: US$2,995.00

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