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Support Services by Half-Day


Support Services by Half-Day

Use this product to pre-order service and support time by the half-day. You may pre-order any number of visits you wish.

For on-site visits requiring travel of greater than 75 miles, the minimum purchase is one day (a "buy" quantity of 2). For on-site visits requiring air travel, the minimum purchase is two days (a "buy" quantity of 4).

Credit Card payment through Google Checkout or PayPal will ensure much quicker availability of the hours purchased, unless you already have an account set up.

Please note: Our on-site services are priced by the half-day and the minimum purchase is one half-day. To purchase an entire day, for instance, you would specify a quantity of 2.

By purchasing these services, you are agreeing to the Analytica Business Systems Terms and Conditions.

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Choose Onsite or Remote:
Description of Services:
  List Price: US$400.00
Regular Price: US$400.00

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