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Pervasive.SQL PSQL 9 Windows Upgrade from 8 6 User P9810671101

Part Nbr: P9-810671-1-01

Pervasive.SQL PSQL 9 Windows Upgrade from 8 6 User P9810671101

Pervasive.SQL PSQL v9 allows for seamless integration into your Windows NT or Windows 2000 environment. Providing service level operations and a full suite of graphical server console management utilities, Pervasive.SQL PSQL v9 delivers on the ease of use and flexibility possible on the Windows platform.

Supports Windows NT 4.0 (SP6a); or Windows 2000/2003

This product, Pervasive SQL PSQL 9 Windows Upgrade from 8 6 User, is optionally available as a download.  The server download will be presented automatically.  If you choose to download, please keep in mind that you will also need to download the v9.5 Client Component.

If a License Key Handling Option is present, you may choose to have the license key emailed to you, for immediate installation.

If a Distribution Option is offered, you may choose whether or how you want the physical components of the product delivered. This may save you shipping charges if you have chosen to download or have previously downloaded an evaluation copy.

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  List Price: US$895.00
Regular Price: US$895.00

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