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Pervasive.SQL, Btrieve and More KnowledgeBase | Article #77 | What ports does Pervasive.SQL listen on?
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Title: What ports does Pervasive.SQL listen on? 
Category: Pervasive.SQL PSQL (Any Version) 
Keywords: ports, firewall, listen, server, 3103, 3012 
Description: Problem: Getting a 3103 (or 3012) error when trying to access the Pervasive.SQL server or workgroup. The target server is actively refusing the connection.

Solution: You need to either open the firewall for the ports that Pervasive.SQL listens on, or add the appropriate component to the firewall access list. To add Pervasive PSQL components to the firewall access list, add the following:

* For Pervasive PSQL 32-bit Server, ntdbsmgr.exe.
* For Pervasive PSQL Workgroup, w3dbsmgr.exe.
* For Pervasive PSQL 64-bit Server, ntdbsmgr.exe and ntdbsmgr64.exe.

If you prefer to open ports, open 3351 for the transactional interface, 1583 for the relational interface, and 139 for named pipes. 

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