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Title: Control Center Won't Output to Query Plan Viewer 
Category: Pervasive.SQL PSQL 9, 9.5 
Keywords: pcc, control center, qpv, query plan viewer, registry 
Description: Problem:
PCC won't output a QPV file. I've made the registry entries for QryPlan and QryPlanOutput but it still doesn't output anything.

The PSQL v9 Control Center is a JDBC application, not an ODBC application. Query Plan Viewer uses ODBC to output the query plan data.

You can either use a third-party SQL tool, or use a built-in SET command that's a new feature in PCC. Here's the syntax for that:

In the PSQL Control Center, go to File | New | SQL Document. When the "Select Database" dialog opens, select the database for which you want to turn on QPV. In the new SQL Document window, enter:

SET qryplanoutput = '';

For example:

SET qryplanoutput = 'c:\pvsw\demodata\qryplan.qpf';

To turn it off, enter:

SET qryplanoutput = '';

That's it. 

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