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Title: Error: [ODBC Engine Interface] S1T00 Timeout Expir 
Category: Pervasive ODBC 
Keywords: ODBC, timeout expired 
Description: Problem:
Using MS Access to access large PSQL tables, I get the error "3146 ODBC - call failed"
"[ODBC Engine Interface] S1T00 Timeout expired"
How do I increase or disable the ODBC Timeout?

1. Linked Table Properties has a Timeout value that can be set within Access.
2. You can also change it at the DSN level. From the Pervasive KB (article psql3973):
another solution is to change the environment to make the Pervasive.SQL V8 engine to ignore the timeout setting. This is a "Datasource Name" setting, the setting is specific to a client DSN . Connections to different DSNs but to the same database or engine DSN may have different behavior.

The DSN entry is:
Under this entry, create a new string value named: QueryTimeOutAllowed
Set the value to NO to ignore any query timeouts. Set the value to YES to timeout.

If set to "YES", the engine enforces query timeouts for all connections to that DSN. If the setting is set to "NO", the engine ignores any query timeouts for connections to the given DSN.
The default behavior is as if the setting was set to "YES". 

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