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Pervasive.SQL, Btrieve and More KnowledgeBase | Article #56 | Relational Services Stop Responding
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Title: Relational Services Stop Responding 
Category: Pervasive.SQL PSQL 9, 9.5 
Keywords: services, stop 
Description: Problem:
I need to restart the relational services every few weeks because they stop responding.

Here are a few suggestions that may increase stability:
1) Whatever your version, your PSQL database engine may need to be patched. Check for any available patches.
2) Disable the L2 cache: Change the Max Microkernel Memory Usage from 60 to 0. This often buys stabilization due to memory restrictions (each process only gets 2GB of memory space).
3) Disable the Client Cache Engine: Change the Allow Cache Engine Connections setting to OFF. This can eliminate some extra overhead on the server, especially helpful for large installations.

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