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Title: How to Tell if Your App Uses Btrieve API or SQL 
Category: Pervasive.SQL PSQL (Any Version) 
Keywords: btrieve, api, sql, which 
Description: Question:
How do I tell whether my application is using the Btrieve API or the Relational (SQL) Engine?

1. Start the Pervasive Monitor utility (either from the server or from a workstation, then use Options/Connect to get to the server).
2. Go to the Microkernel/Active Users screen. If all of the users are showing up as regular user names, then your application is purely Btrieve-based. If you see users listed like "SRDE:", then you will also have SQL/ODBC users accessing the data. You can tell for sure the exact location of each user by looking at the "Network Address" line in the Monitor -- this gives you the exact address of the computer related to that connection.  

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