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Pervasive.SQL, Btrieve and More KnowledgeBase | Article #52 | Run the PSQL Workgroup Engine as Windows Service
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Title: Run the PSQL Workgroup Engine as Windows Service 
Category: Pervasive.SQL PSQL General 
Keywords: workgroup, service, srvany 
Description: Question:
How do I run the Pervasive Workgroup Engine as a Windows Service? Where do I find srvany.exe and srvinstw.exe?

The apps srvany.exe and srvinstw.exe are Microsoft files and according this MS KB article, they are included in the Windows Resource Kit.

There is a tool on the Pervasive Component Zone that will allow the WGE to run as a service. It's called "ToolBox - WGE & Turbo Cache as an NT Service " and it's here.

Here is another tool that you can download from our own web site to automate installation of the Workgroup Engine as a service.

And last, if you're feeling adventurous, here is a link to a white paper on how to do this manually.

If you have tried and still can't seem to get this working, never fear, we can help!  

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