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Title: DSN Issues 
Category: Pervasive ODBC 
Keywords: dsn, system, user, create 
Description: Here are some issues regarding DSNs:

If you're going to use a DSN to connect to a database on a Pervasive.SQL server, it's usually best to create a System DSN rather than a User or File DSN, so that anyone who logs in to the workstation will be able to access the database. The usual method of creating a DSN is to use the ODBC Administrator. This is time-consuming due to the wizardy nature of the interface, so if you have lots of clients that you need to establish DSNs for, you can get around it several ways:

1. Automate the DSN creation. You can do this via:
a. Registry imports
b. Writing a standard MS/ODBC application
c. Writing a Pervasive DTI/DTO application
d. Writing an automation routine using a scripting language such as WinBatch.
2. Use a DSN-less connection (have the application provide the needed sonnection string to go right to the server).


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