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Title: How to Link MS Access to Btrieve DB 
Category: Pervasive Btrieve 5.10, 6.15 
Keywords: msaccess, ms access, btrieve, link 
Description: Question:
I'm using Peachtree Accounting and I know that it's using Btrieve. Is there a way for me to link to the DDFs from MS Access so that I can view the data in datasheet format and perform SQL on it?

For a link to a docment that shows how, Click here.

It's not so straightforward if you have the older version of PeachTree that uses the Btrieve 6.15 database. You'd first need to have the Btrieve 6.15 ODBC drivers, which are not freely licensed and typically not provided by software vendors when they distribute the workstation engine.

Here are two possible solutions:
1. Copy the database to a system on which Peachtree is not installed. Then install the most-recent version of the Workgroup Engine on that computer and use MS Access or any other tool to access, run reports, queries, etc. on that copy.
2. Upgrade all users to the most-recent version of Pervasive.SQL. Once you are there, then you can actually use PSQLv9 for all users and eliminate the need to work on a copy of the data. This also opens up much better performance and stability than the 6.15 engine, as well as direct access to the production data (without needing to copy it) whenever you need it from SQL.

Whatever you do, keep in mind that MSAccess is not fully ODBC-compliant, and you may have some problems accessing some data that is translated by the Jet engine. Using a pass-through query will usually eliminate the problem. Be very careful about writing to the database -- we do not recommend writing back to the data, as application vendors generally do not support this and doing so may make support from your application vendor fully billable. Also, remember that you should only write to a copy of the database -- accessing the same database files as production PeachTree users will cause problems such as application errors.

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