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Title: AuditMaster returns status -108 
Category: Pervasive AuditMaster 6.2, 6.3 
Keywords: auditmaster, -108, cannot connect 
Description: Problem:
AuditMaster returns status -108 when selecting ''current view file'' from the left-hand pane and pressing the ''update current view file'' icon.

An error message is recorded in the AuditMaster Status log.

Source File: btmon.c
Caller Module: TNBTMON
Message: TNBTMON: Audit License count (x) is less the Pervasive.SQL''s license count (x)

The error message is returned when the AuditMaster license user count is less than the Pervasive.SQL V8 license user count.

Make sure the AuditMaster license user count matches or exceeds the Pervasive.SQL V8 license user count.

NOTE: There is one exception, the -108 can also be returned when the AuditMaster license is an Unlimited license and the Pervasive.SQL license is not the Unlimited. This has been submitted as a defect. If both licenses are Unlimited, the problem will not occur.

ANOTHER NOTE: It's also possible that you may need to uninstall, clean up and reinstall both PSQL v9 and AuditMaster, if either or both are evaluation copies. Also having ever had a Workgroup Engine installed may require a cleanup and reinstall. 

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