QB Director

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Welcome to QB Director QuickBooks® Integration

QB Director saves you hours of time doing manual data entry of orders from your sales order system into QuickBooks Customers, Products, Invoices and Payments.

QB Director QuickBooks® Integration does its work by importing customers, orders, and payments from various point-of-sale and ecommerce shopping cart applications and integrating them into QuickBooks automatically.

QB Director QuickBooks® Integration is customizable with respect to your Orders data sources. Data sources are defined by metadata contained in editable XML Files. Currently, QB Director ships with your choice of metadata definition sets for one of several eCommerceTemplates releases, or the current osCommerce release. You may purchase additional metadata sets and customization is also available.

"QuickBooks®" is a registered trademark and/or registered service mark of Intuit®, Inc. and so is "Intuit®", for that matter.